Powering the
Connected Last Mile

Delivering the future of sustainable
digital infrastructure

Investor, Owner and Operator

Ubiquity’s unique skills, investment capabilities and experience accelerates development of new digital infrastructure

+ years
Combined experience managing digital infrastructure
+ markets
Current Smart City, Smart Building or Edge Locations
Digital infrastructure active deployments and pipeline

Ubiquity’s Last-Mile Ecosystem


Strategically focusing on underserved suburban markets

  • Fiber to premise
  • Multi-tenant, open-access model
  • Spur competition and customer choice

Digital Infrastructure

Building assets to enable last-mile communication

  • Multi-network integration
  • Edge and COLO data centers
  • Smart poles


The Ubiquity team has developed some of the largest U.S. fiber routes

  • Deep design skills
  • Construction expertise
  • Speedy completion
  • Proven track record

Financial & Investment

Ability to scale with our partners to meet future needs

  • Long-term investment horizon
  • Significant capital
  • Financed upfront
  • As-a-service model

Strategic Partnering

Orchestrating partnerships and ecosystems

  • Carriers
  • ISPs
  • Tech innovators
  • Utilities
  • Municipalities

Competitive Positioning

Our high-quality fiber assets create sustainable barriers to entry and a compelling investment opportunity

Future-proof tech +
open access design

  • Low risk of technological obsolescence as fiber optics move data at the speed of light
  • Higher bandwidth than competing technologies and symmetrical upload/download speeds
  • Open access network design maximizes cash flow and deters competition


  • Utility-like importance to subscribers across Ubiquity’s suburban and urban markets
  • Work from home, remote education, gaming, IoT, etc. drive need for gigabit-speed internet
  • Crucial to commercial customers: Carriers, data centers, municipalities, E-Rate, etc.


  • Open-access infrastructure strategically defends attractive markets; owned ISP FiberFirst supports speed-to-market
  • 5+ years to build relationships with municipalities, establish backhaul, develop network infrastructure, initiate customer service

of scale

  • Growing footprint leads to greater operating leverage for backhaul and services OpEx
  • Ubiquity can secure discounts with construction contractors, equipment vendors and other suppliers
  • Larger platform and branding leads to more efficient customer acquisition and installations

Stable, recurring
earnings base

  • Ubiquity’s new, reliable fiber networks result in high customer satisfaction and low churn
  • Fiber customers are highly sticky– almost all churn is due to residents moving away, and they are rapidly replaced
  • Billing creates visible and stable earnings with >90% of forecasted revenue recurring


  • Regulatory restrictions, complex local permitting and existing Ubiquity position make replicating network extremely challenging
  • Typically takes 6-12 months to get regulatory entitlements at both state and city level
  • States require a certificate to build in the public RoW