• Build communications infrastructure to empower communities for the future


  • Develop and enhance communications infrastructure that is critical to the success of underserved urban and suburban markets
  • Create value for investors in the digital age

Company Description

  • Ubiquity seeks to invest, develop and manage critical communications infrastructure throughout the United States
  • Based in the Midwest, we are primarily focused on infrastructure assets in underserved urban and suburban markets
  • We partner with wireless carriers, technology companies, broadband providers, developers and municipalities to deliver infrastructure solutions

Investment Approach

Ubiquity seeks to invest in targeted communication infrastructures assets:


5G Small Cell

Data Centers


We look for infrastructure assets that meet the following characteristics:

Strategically located in underserved
urban/suburban markets
Supported by long-term leases with stable revenue streams
High barriers to entry and low risk of overbuild
Established creditworthy anchor tenant

The Telecom Value Chain

Our companies are strategically located in underserved or less competitive markets with high barriers to entry, where Ubiquity can utilize its experience to take controlling stakes in the investments which are supported by long-term contracts with an anchor tenant.

Partnership Advantage

Long-Term Capital Partner

  • Ability to scale financially with our partners to grow and expand beyond their core markets and services/assets
  • Long-term investment strategy vs. short-term strategy typical of private equity

Industry Expertise

  • Deep and broad expertise with technical know-how of communications sector
  • Ability to develop long-term strategy and industry access for growth beyond the initial investment

Operational Support

  • Provide support for network deployment, business development, cost management and vendor management. 

Resource Partner

  • See our role as a resource to our partners, more in Board & advisory roles vs. trying to micromanage executives.
  • Can also provide back-office and administrative capacity for partner use